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Learn how to WOW friends and family with your sugar craft and cake decorating skills!

Valentine’s class - R420

  • Learn to decorate cupcakes.
  • Learn to make small sugar roses and cut out hearts.
  • Learn to make petal paste & petal glue.
  • Bring along: Note book, pen, empty ice-cream container and toolkit (see list).

Daisy, Daisy give me your answer true... - R420

  • Learn to make daisies, blossoms, leaves and carnations.
  • Bring along: petal paste, petal glue and toolkit.

Roses - R420

  • Learn to make and colour sugar roses.
  • Bring along: Petal paste (colour of your choice), toolkit, polystyrene and #14 wire covered with florist’s tape.

Figurines - R420

  • Learn to make animated figurines.
  • Bring along: White petal paste (+/- 250g), petal glue, small sandwich bags, small Tupperware container and toolkit.

Tiger Lily and St Joseph Lily - R420

  • Learn to make and colour Tiger lilies and St Joseph lilies.
  • Bring along: Petal paste (white),petal glue, toolkit, polystyrene and #14 wire covered with florist’s tape.

Chocolate class - R420

  • Learn how to decorate, mould and work with chocolate and make moulding paste for roses.
  • Bring along: +/- 500g dark chocolate and toolkit.

Sponge cake - R420

  • Learn to cover sponge cake with chocolate ganache and decorate with chocolate collar.
  • Bring along: 20cm sponge cake, 2kg white or dark chocolate, 600ml cream, decorations from previous class and toolkit.

Christmas decorations - R420

  • Learn how to decorate a Christmas cake.
    • Christmas baubles
    • Santa stockings
    • Wrapped presents
    • Berries and Holly leaves
    • Bows
    • Candy canes...
  • Bring along: Petal glue and toolkit.

Fruitcake class - R420

  • Learn to cover a fruitcake with marzipan and sugar paste.
  • Learn how to make royal icing and basic piping skills.
  • Bring along: 20cm round/square fruitcake or dummy (polystyrene), 1kg sugar paste, if covering a fruitcake you need to bring 1kg marzipan together with 1kg sugar paste, 25cm cake board, Christmas decorations from previous class, toolkit and smoothers.

Your own project - R420

  • You will choose your own project (Birthday cake, Christening cake..). Each student will set a date aside when he/she will complete a cake for that someone special to surprise them with. Techniques and assistance will be given to guide you through the decorating of your cake.
  • Students who are interested in sitting-in only pay R250.
  • Bring along: All you need to complete your project.

Basic toolkit contents list:

  • If you are unsure about any of the equipment please wait until the class to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • All equipment is available at All About Baking (Durbanville), Value Baking (Brackenfell) or CAB Foods (numerous shops in the Western Cape).
    • Modelling tools from JEM cutters (plastic tools are available in sets and are essential for modelling).
    • A small flat palette knife from Ateco.
    • Round brushes (#00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 6) at your nearest art shop.
    • Petal pad from JEM./li>
    • Small rolling-pin (make your own with chrome tubing or towel rail about 18mm in diameter and 180mm in length).
    • Work board, this serves as a general work surface (250mm x 300mm board is a useful size). Available from suppliers or use a plastic placemat with a smooth surface and non-slip back.
  • Your toolkit will extend as we go along and learn new techniques. A plastic tool box is useful for storage.

When & Where

  • The class runs once a week for 10 weeks, Tuesday mornings (9:30 - 12:30) or Wednesday evenings (18:30 - 21:30) at my home in Durbanville.
  • Costs - Signup for all ten classes and only pay R3 780. If attending only some of the classes you pay R420 per class.
  • Course Booking Form

    On receipt of the below booking request form, an email will be sent confirming the date, course, rate as well as banking details. Your place in a class will only be secure once we receive your proof of payment.
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