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Today modern wedding cakes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. The traditional wedding cake symbolises purity and the cutting of the cake is meant to symbolise the newlywed's first joint task as husband and wife. The cute gesture of feeding one another is a symbol of commitment the couple are making together.

Your wedding cake is an important part of your reception, so think of it as a canvas to which all the other elements of the day can be brought together. Gather as much information as you can to inspire your cake creator. Details of your colour scheme or theme, images of the venue, your flowers and dress are all important as they give an overall impression of your wedding style. It is also a good idea to provide a fabric swatch, as your cake creator may be able to replicate any beading or embroidery using icing.

To get a sense of what you like visually, start by collecting photographs of cakes from magazines and the internet.

Once you have some ideas for a cake, it's time to look for your cake creator. 

Tips on saving money

I really strive to accommodate my bride's budget, as getting married is a costly event.

  • Time is money, so easiest way to keep costs down is to choose a simple design.
  • Anything involving lots of intricate piping is going to be more expensive.
  • Don't feel obliged to have a fruitcake. Your cake creator can create anything from a decadent chocolate ganache to a light lemon sponge. Now you can take your pick from contemporary showstoppers, cute cupcakes or even something completely different, such as a Cronquembouche (French Wedding Cake/Cream Puff Pyramid).
  • Another way to save money is to serve the wedding cake instead of dessert - and a Cronquembouche is the perfect choice for this.
  • Consider adding a false tier which give the illusion of a grand creation without the cost.
  • Get a smaller cake - show off the beautiful wedding cake for everyone to see and then have a sheet cake of the same flavour cut in the back for the guests.

Pricing Indications

Each cake is custom made according to the bride and groom's style and taste. Pricing will be influenced by the type of finish chosen.

Delivery and set-up is an optional service that I offer, this fee is calculated on a distance scale. I offer consultations free of charge and you are welcome to make an appointment to discuss your requirements.

Wedding Cakes (2 Tier) R1 600
Wedding Cakes (3 Tier) R2 400
Wedding Cakes (4 Tier) R3 200
Wedding Cakes (5 Tier) R4 000
Wedding Cakes (6 Tier) R4 800
Cupcakes R10 - R25 each
Petit Fours R12 each
Croquembouche (French Wedding Cake) R1 500
Wedding Cakes Created from Cheese  R4 000.00 >

(Size and type of cheese will determine the price as imported cheeses are more expensive than the locally
produced cheeses.)

Please Note

I do not supply mousse cakes as wedding cakes. The risk of melting and transportation mishaps are just not worth taking on such a special day. What I do suggest for the brides that do want a chocolate mousse cake is rather a rich chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse filling.


Do not forget to order the wedding cake serving set and cake stand.

Terms and Conditions

As weddings are such special occasions and each cake deserves my full attention, I only book a limited number of wedding cakes for each date.

  • Ideal booking time is three to six months before the wedding, however exceptions will be considered, time permitting.
  • No order will be considered unless the deposit has been paid and proof of payment has been received. Please use the name of the bride as a reference when payment is made.
  • Balance should be paid one week prior to the delivery/collection date.
  • In the unlikely event that I am unable to complete your order, your deposit will be refunded.
  • Please confirm your booking well in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • If not making use of my handmade sugar paste flowers, I suggest that the bride provide her own fresh flowers. If the flowers are delivered to me the day before the wedding or at the venue upon my arrival, I shall gladly do the arrangement of the flowers on the cake.

A fun part of the wedding planning
process is going for a


Date:  Tuesday, 26 October 2021
Place: Durbanville
Time: 11:00 - 20:00

R50 p/p


Please provide your name, contact number, amount of people attending and time you wish to attend the tasting upon which I will forward your consultation confirmation and address.

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